May 29th, 2011

MGG 028 Do You DIY?

duck tape party supplies 2 - all you can eat

photo credit: woodleywonderworks

We geeks want to know: Do you fix your own stuff when it breaks or do you outsource?
Tell us about your favorite DIY tools. Or, tell us where you go to get it fixed.
Listen to this episode of Moms Gone Geek to find out about ours DIY methods.

Fixing Stuff

I know what a thermocouple is, do you?
No hot water? iPhone to the rescue!
Broken water heater + iPhone + plumber next door + email to husband + YouTube How To video = replaced thermocouple for under $20 – priceless!

Sometimes you can get your Honey Do List worked on if you make it kind of fun!

Lowes Video Center

What do you do when something breaks?


Rescuing Hard Drives

If the drive is making noise, then you need to have the drive opened and the discs removed. Cost is ~$2500.

Drive Savers

If drive will mount, but not run the computer, then use Data Rescue 3 for Mac and Data Rescue PC 3 for Microsoft

The trial version of the software is free. You need a second hard drive that is bootable (install the OS). The rescued files will be saved to that hard drive. The cost of the license is $99.00

Pick of the Week

FTP application for uploading files to a server. The best thing is you get to have a rubber ducky hang out in your dock!

Maker Faire (brought to you by Make Magazine) – is the World’s largest DIY festival.
Purchase Tickets

For my folks on the east coast, there will be a Maker Faire in New York City
Sep 17-18, 2011. I’ll be there, so let us know if you plan on attending.
It’s goo…with foo!

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